Ideas Festival
March 26-28, 2019
Bently Reserve and Old Mint
San Francisco, CA

Agenda Forthcoming

Previous 2017 Festival Agenda

The Future of FinTech January 9th, 2017 | Session 1
  • 01
    Cognitive Business and the Future of Finance – Ginni Rometty, IBM
  • 02
    A Conversation with Ginni Rometty, IBM & Brian Moynihan, Bank of America
  • 03
    FinTech—What You Should be Thinking About – Vint Cerf, Google
  • 04
    Partnerships & Disruption – Margaret Keane, Synchrony Financial; Sebastian DiGrande, GAP Inc.; Ryan McInerney, VISA Inc.
  • 05
    The Future of Financial Services – Tim Sloan, Wells Fargo
  • 07
    Digital Transformation of Financial Services: What’s Next - Satya Nadella, Microsoft & Ajay Banga, Mastercard
  • 06
    You Don’t Have to Rewrite Your Software. You Have to Rewrite Your Company - Aaron Levie, Box
Financial Inclusion January 9th, 2017 | Session 2
  • 01
    Transportation, FinTech, & the Coming Change to Communities - John Zimmer, Lyft & Tim Pawlenty, Financial Services Roundtable
  • 02
    A Conversation With Michael Tipsord, State Farm & Tom Wilson, Allstate - Moderated by Kayla Tausche, CNBC
Biometrics, the Imminent Future January 10th, 2017 | Session 1
  • 01
    Day One Salons—What Did We Learn? Peter Schwartz, Salesforce; Tom Patterson, Unisys; Stephen Ibaraki, Entrepreneur; Scott Stewart, Financial Services Roundtable Moderated by Chris Feeney, Financial Services Roundtable
  • 02
    Intel-Led Security & A New Landscape - Kevin Mandia, FireEye
  • 03
    Rapid Fire Emerging Tech Panel Anil Arora, Yodlee; Bo Lu, FutureAdvisor; Sam Graziano, Fundation Moderated by Deirdre Bosa, CNBC
Cybersecurity January 10th, 2017 | Session 2
  • 01
    Catalyzing Change in Big Organizations & Valuing Education - Vanessa Colella, Citi Ventures & Dean Kamen, FIRST and DEKA Research
  • 02
    Preparing Tech Talent for the Future - Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn & Cathy Bessant, Bank of America
  • 04
    Meaningful Innovation Application—FinTech Tomorrow: Ajay Banga, Mastercard & Brian Moynihan, Bank of America; Interviewed by Kayla Tausche, CNBC
  • 03
    FinTech, Financial Inclusion and What the Next Decade Will Bring - Dan Schulman, PayPal & Tim Pawlenty, Financial Services Roundtable

2017 Influencers

  • Ajay Banga Mastercard
  • Cathy Bessant Bank of America
  • Deirdre Bosa CNBC
  • Vint Cerf Google
  • Vanessa Colella Citi Ventures
  • Sebastian DiGrande Gap Inc.
  • Sam Graziano Fundation
  • Dr. David Hanson & Sophia Hanson Robotics
  • Dean Kamen First, DEKA Research & Development Corporation
  • Margaret Keane Synchrony Financial
  • Aaron Levie Box
  • Bo Lu FutureAdvisor
  • Ryan McInerney Visa
  • Kevin Mandia FireEye, Inc.
  • Brian Moynihan Bank of America
  • Satya Nadella Microsoft
  • Tim Pawlenty Financial Services Roundtable
  • Ginni Rometty IBM
  • Dan Schulman PayPal
  • Peter Schwartz Salesforce
  • Tim Sloan Wells Fargo
  • Kayla Tausche CNBC
  • Michael Tipsord State Farm
  • Jeff Weiner LinkedIn
  • Tom Wilson The Allstate Corporation
  • John Zimmer Lyft

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2017 FinTech Ideas Festival Highlights

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